Dr. Anisha Abraham:  Raising global teens

Join us for the book launch of Raising Global Teens, the new book by Dr. Anisha Abraham. With globalization, adolescents have more exposure to new cultures, communities, mobility, and transition both physically and virtually. Globalization has led to more teens who have moved countries or changed communities during their childhood, are children of immigrants, or are expats. It has also led to more children like my own, born to parents from different ethnic backgrounds. Kids raised in such a mobile diverse world have significant benefits in terms of exposure to language, empathy, adaptability. However, they also may struggle with issues related to belonging, resolving conflict, addressing grief and progressing evenly through adolescence. This may be particularly challenging when it occurs during a time when there are significant issues related to identity formation and self-esteem. This book will provide important tools and strategies for parents, caregivers, and educators to help modern-day teens build resilience and successfully navigate adolescence. Raising Global Teens combines real world questions, practical examples, expert interviews and simple explanations grounded in research and science by an experienced pediatrician, and is written by a teen health specialist who has worked with young people addressing just these issues in a global context.


book launch




23 april 2020

7.30 p.m.




Dr. Anisha Abraham

Dr. Anisha Abraham, MD, MPH is a board certified pediatrician and adolescent health specialist with 25 years of global experience.  Anisha treats and counsels young people with a variety of issues including social media use, drug use and stress.  As a recognized educator, Anisha provides training on adolescent health and wellness to faculty, teens and parents.Anisha is currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is on faculty at the University of Amsterdam and Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC.

View Anisha’s Tedx Talk.

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